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You have determined that the underlying work represented in this image is protected by copyright, but that this particular photographic reproduction is not protected by copyright.

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What is the source of this image?

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Where possible, it is important to identify the specific source from which you obtained an image. Licensed or purchased images are often accompanied by restrictions, which may be binding when you buy or license such images. Therefore, you may be contractually prohibited from making a certain use of an image, even if the image is in the public domain or if your proposed use would otherwise fall within the fair use doctrine. You should consult the terms of use accompanying that image, or the provider’s website if you obtained an image online.

These restrictions may remain binding even if that image is no longer available from the provider, if the provider is not making the image available for your desired use, or if the provider appears to have ceased operation (in which case the restrictions may be enforceable by a successor to the provider). In such instances, it may be prudent (where possible) to obtain permission from the image provider before making your intended use of that image.